IFX Mail Archive: IFX> RE: IPP Fax use of vCard (2.1/3.0?)

IFX Mail Archive: IFX> RE: IPP Fax use of vCard (2.1/3.0?)

IFX> RE: IPP Fax use of vCard (2.1/3.0?)

From: McDonald, Ira (IMcDonald@crt.xerox.com)
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 12:46:01 EDT

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    Hi Paul,

    Thanks so much for your very quick response, recommending
    that the IPP Fax specs reference RFC 2426 (vCard 3.0),
    rather than the older vCard 2.1.

    About I-Ds, the IETF refused to charter the IPP Fax work, so it
    will not be available as an Internet-Draft or a subsequent RFC.
    The Printer Working Group, an industry consortium that is
    part of the IEEE/ISTO industry standards program will issue
    IEEE/ISTO standards with the IPP Fax work. The current URLs

    --- (IPP Fax protocol)

    --- (profiles of TIFF-FX with higher conformance requirements)

    - Ira McDonald

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    From: Paul Hoffman / IMC [mailto:phoffman@imc.org]
    Sent: Sunday, August 26, 2001 8:35 PM
    To: McDonald, Ira
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    Subject: Re: IPP Fax use of vCard (2.1/3.0?)


    >The PWG (Printer Working Group) currently sponsors the
    >IPP Fax WG, who have (largely) completed their protocol
    >spec (enhancements to the base IPP/1.1 printing protocol).
    >Two new attributes in IPP Fax Jobs are:
    >5.1 ippfax-sending-user-vcard (1setOf text(MAX))
    >--- operation/Job Description attribute
    >5.2 ippfax-receiving-user-vcard (text(MAX))
    >--- operation/Job Description attribute

    I don't see which RFC or Internet Draft has these in it. I'd like to
    see the context where they are used.

    >These attributes are used for banner pages and logs on the
    >IPP Fax Jobs and OPTIONALLY may be used to send notifications
    >(for example, via email) to Receiving Users of the completion
    >of IPP Fax Jobs.

    Sounds reasonable.

    >Our question is should we normatively reference vCard/2.1
    >(at the IMC site) or vCard/3.0 (RFC 2426, at the IETF site)?

    The latter, definitely. It is a standards track document, whereas the
    2.1 document is not.

    >I see that there are clarifications and 'tightening of
    >behavior' in RFC 2426 listed as differences from vCard/2.1.

    Correct. The original vCard 2.1 spec was written by folks who were
    not used to the somewhat rigorous specification requirements of the

    --Paul Hoffman, Director
    --Internet Mail Consortium

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