IFX Mail Archive: IFX> RE: IPP Fax use of vCard (2.1/3.0?)

IFX Mail Archive: IFX> RE: IPP Fax use of vCard (2.1/3.0?)

IFX> RE: IPP Fax use of vCard (2.1/3.0?)

From: Paul Hoffman / IMC (phoffman@imc.org)
Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 23:05:09 EDT

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    At 12:46 PM -0400 8/27/01, McDonald, Ira wrote:
    >About I-Ds, the IETF refused to charter the IPP Fax work,

    "Refused to" is a harsh phrase. "Chose not to" is probably more appropriate.

    > so it
    >will not be available as an Internet-Draft or a subsequent RFC.

    That is your choice. Even if it is not part of the IPP Working Group,
    the work could progress in the IETF standards process as individual
    submissions. Of course, that might open the documents up to scrutiny
    and debate that doesn't match the desires of the PWG, but it is still
    an option. The IETF standards process can be pretty tough sometimes,
    but it still has many advantages, mostly in very openly
    sanity-checking protocols well before they are finished.

    Regardless of my IETF cheer-leading, you should be referencing vCard
    3.0 (RFC 2426), not vCard 2.1, if for no other reason than that 3.0
    is easier to implement because it has fewer bugs. Let me know if you
    have any further questions on that.

    --Paul Hoffman, Director
    --Internet Mail Consortium

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