IFX Mail Archive: RE: IFX> Conf Call May 7

IFX Mail Archive: RE: IFX> Conf Call May 7

RE: IFX> Conf Call May 7

From: Lloyd McIntyre (lloyd10328@pacbell.net)
Date: Wed May 07 2003 - 18:21:09 EDT

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    Thanks for a very concise summary.
    One small proposed edit.
    "Should we also allow Profile 2? Profile 2 is a combination of Profile 1
    and Profile 4….Go ahead and add it."
    Should read:
    "Should we also allow Profile 2? Profile 2 allows much greater flexibility
    than Profile 1 and may be considered the Huffman counter part to Profile 4,
    with less complexity….Go ahead and add it."

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      Next Meeting May 21, 1-3PM Pacific






      Review of PDF/is spec:

      (3.1) Fonts allowed but only for invisible text. (No font data is

      Encryption has been removed.

      No Gray color space (no release from HP); use index into sRGB (alignment
    with latest PDF). sRGB and the indexed color space must be included in all
    PDF/is docs

      Digital signatures will be allowed by PDF/a.

      Table 3-2: rearranged and reworded.

      Sec 4.3 JBIG2Decode Filter: allow profile 3 (T.89) Because 3 is a subset
    of 4 which we already allowed. Should we also allow Profile 2? Profile 2 is
    a combination of Profile 1 and Profile 4….Go ahead and add it.

                  Sec 4.4 is YUV a valid color space? It’s legal for JPEG and
    should be the RECOMMENDED type.

      IPP Fax Protocol spec

                  Section 6.6: How do we want the string to appear? PDF/is-1.0
    (Tom Would you add this value to your spec?)

                  6.6 documents-format-version-supported – Allow any flavor of

      Restart section at 9.

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      Subject: IFX> Conference Call

      Should IPP Fax allow any form of PDF beside PDF/is? See the issues around
    the topic below

      Next call, Wednesday April 30 at 1PM Pacific.

      Lee Farrell

      Tom Hastings

      Rick Seeler

      Dennis Carney

      Gail Songer

      Ira McDonald

      ICC profile – no progress

      Notifications – no progress

      pwg_letter-or-A4 – no progress

      pdl-override – lots of discussion on the IPP reflector. No resolution

      digital-signature – in Document-object spec.

      The document-object spec may get bogged down. Need to keep tabs on it’s
    progress; we may need to reconsider our dependence on that spec if it looks
    like it will take longer to finish last call than we are willing to wait.

      document-format-version - should it be used in Get-Printer-Attributes
    (should you be able to color on it? TomH)? (Ira doesn’t want it)

      Ira would like to take out document-format-version and
    document-format-version-supported. Messy conformance requirements because we
    are requiring only a small part of the document-object spec and the
    document-object may not be as close to completion as previously thought.
    However, we had wanted IPPFax to allow other flavors of PDF and therefore
    would need to be able to specify what versions and you might not have access
    to an IPP port.

      Start next meeting: Section 7

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