IFX Mail Archive: IFX> Brief notes on today's review of the

IFX Mail Archive: IFX> Brief notes on today's review of the

IFX> Brief notes on today's review of the Job Extension specification

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Wed May 28 2003 - 20:21:00 EDT

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    Attendees: Gail, Bob, Ira, Dennis, Pete, Tom

    We processes the issues and made the following agreements:

    1. Reaffirmed moving Close-Job out of this spec and into the Futures
    document, since the Document Object spec won't reference it.

    2. We agreed not to have a "document-format-version-default" Printer
    attribute, since a default value would go hand in hand with the
    "document-format-default" and would be meaningless if the client supplied a
    different document-format, but omitted the "document-format-version"
    Operation attribute.

    3. We agreed on the new "media" name that means a choice of media.
    Following "choice_" will be repeated with complete self-describing size name
    values, separated by "_". For example, IPPFAX will defined the value:


    to mean that either ISO A4 or NA Letter is acceptable. The names must be in
    alphabetic order in order to give a single keyword value.

    3a. Scaling MUST be isomorphic, if any scaling is done.

    4. In IPPFAX, the "media-ready" Printer attribute needs to be clarified that
    it is OPTIONAL for the Recevier to support.

    5. The "media-ready" attribute MAY contain both the
    'choice_iso_a4_210x297mm_na_letter_8.5x11in' and the individual value or
    values that are ready.

    6. ISSUE: Who needs document-format-details-implemented (1setOf collection)
    attribute? Does PSI? We assume yes. However, if PSI does support
    Capabilities, then we shouldn't define "document-format-details-implemented"
    in the [jobx] spec, since it is a poor man's Capabilities.

    7. We agreed that the "document-format-implemented" member attribute of the
    document-format-details-implemented (1setOf collection) attribute should be
    changed to a single value. So each collection value has only one

    8. The conformance language for having only one collection for each document
    format supported needs to be stated, and then the exception when multiple
    collection values for the same document format needs to be stated.

    9. Need an example in which each collection value has a different document
    format. Then the example which has the same document format appearing more
    than once follows.

    ACTION ITEM: (Dennis) edit in his comments and issues, Tom send to Peter to
    edit on Thursday, Friday, Ira, Peter, Dennis and Tom review so that a new
    version can be posted for next week review.

    At tomorrow's review of the Overrides spec we'll decide whether to review
    the next version of [jobx], next Wednesday, June 4 (in the IPPFAX time slot)
    or next Thursday, June 5 (in the Semantic Model time slot).


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