IFX Mail Archive: IFX> Shortest path for IPPFAX w/ IPP events

IFX Mail Archive: IFX> Shortest path for IPPFAX w/ IPP events

IFX> Shortest path for IPPFAX w/ IPP events

From: McDonald, Ira (imcdonald@sharplabs.com)
Date: Thu Jun 12 2003 - 10:39:35 EDT

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    Hi folks, Thursday (12 June 2003)

    We had a long discussion at yesterday's IPPFAX telecon - showing that
    there are some anomalies/loose ends in our current Notifications spec.

    Dennis Carney suggested a 'shortest path' approach for IFX, PSI, WBMM:

    1) Convert the former Internet-Drafts for IPP Notifications and IPPGET
        to IEEE format and 'last call' them for Candidate Standards with no
        new events (just a few Notes per various IESG 'last call' comments).

        - We need editors. Gail might, Ira would help, volunteers?

    2) Then 'last call' IPPFAX/1.0 for Candidate Standard without the
        (possible future) 'job-error' or 'job-warning' events.

        - IPPFAX/1.0 clients request 'job-state-changed' (network chatter)
          or 'job-completed' (and 'error-count' and 'warning-count' in the
          'notify-attributes' list) or just use Get-Job-Attributes polling.

    3) Revise the IEEE Notification specs (taking our time - good point,
        Dennis) and define new events for IPPFAX/1.1, PSI/1.1, WBMM, etc.
        (see proposed extensions below).


    - Ira McDonald
      High North Inc

    [Possible future events and attributes we mostly talked about yesterday]

    Proposed future 'bad news' events (NOT sub-events of 'job-progress'):

    'printer-error' OPTIONAL
    'printer-warning' OPTIONAL

    'job-error' OPTIONAL
    'job-warning' OPTIONAL

    'document-error' OPTIONAL \ See below
    'document-warning' OPTIONAL /

    Proposed future Job events:

    'job-state-changed-only' REQUIRED
    - needed by PSI - doesn't report 'job-state-reasons' transitions

    Proposed future Document events:

    'document-state-changed-only' REQUIRED
    'document-state-changed' REQUIRED (if Document object supported)
        'document-created' REQUIRED
        'document-completed' REQUIRED
        (but not 'document-stopped' - use 'job-stopped' instead)

    'document-config-changed' OPTIONAL

    'document-progress' OPTIONAL
    'document-error' OPTIONAL
    'document-warning' OPTIONAL

    Two other events worth considering (the first looks like an oversight
    in our original Notifications spec to me):

    (sub-event of 'job-state-changed')
        'job-processing' OPTIONAL

    (sub-event of 'document-state-changed')
        'document-processing' OPTIONAL

    Proposed future Job Description attributes:

    - input print-stream pages counter - see 'page-ranges' in RFC 2911
      (useful with 'job-error' and 'job-warning' events w/ n-up printing).

    Proposed future Document Description attributes:

    - equivalent to semantics of job-pages-completed Job attribute above
      (useful with 'document-error' and 'document-warning' events).

    Proposed future Subscription attributes:

    - to disambiguate Job and Document level attributes with duplicate names
      in Subscriptions

    - to disambiguate Document attributes received in event Notifications

    [Existing Printer and Job level events already defined]

    'printer-state-changed' REQUIRED
        'printer-restarted' OPTIONAL
        'printer-shutdown' OPTIONAL
        'printer-stopped' REQUIRED

    'printer-config-changed' REQUIRED
        'printer-media-changed' OPTIONAL
        'printer-finishings-changed' OPTIONAL

    'printer-queue-order-changed' OPTIONAL

    'job-state-changed' REQUIRED
        'job-created' REQUIRED
        'job-completed' REQUIRED
        'job-stopped' OPTIONAL

    'job-config-changed' OPTIONAL

    'job-progress' OPTIONAL (impression-level progress)


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