IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Minutes of 3/11/98 telephone conference

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Minutes of 3/11/98 telephone conference

IPP> Minutes of 3/11/98 telephone conference

Roger K Debry (rdebry@us.ibm.com)
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 14:56:32 -0500

Minutes of 3/11 Telephone Conference

Attending: Carl-Uno Manros, Tom Hastings, Pete Zahler, Roger deBry,
Scott Isaacson, Jay Martin, Ira MacDonald, Randy Turner

1. Carl-Uno said that Don Wright cannot continue as secretary for IPP
telephone conference calls. Carl-Uno will find someone to replace Don.=

2. Paul Moore had said he would try to get the requirements document
from Microsoft on UDP. He has subsequently said that a formal
requirements document does not exist.

3. Randy is working on a proposal for host-to-device. He said he will h=
a document ready by the end of this week. There was some discussion=

whether or not host-to-device was an IETF issue. Carl-Uno wants to =
sure that it is posted as a personl contribution at this point, sin=
ce there
has been no review by the working group. Randy's document
will include:
- an abstraction of transport layer
- mapping of IPP to TCP/IP
- discussion on notifications

4. Don was to provide documentation on TIPSI elements that would apply
to a host-to-device protocol. Nothing reported yet.

5. Tom and Scott to work on MIB attributes that would be aappropriate f=
host-to-device protocols. Nothing done to date.

6. Some discussion was held on Randy's recent submission on DHCP option=

for IPP. Randy said that it was supposed to have been a personal s=
and not an IPP workgroup submission. Randy said that this was requ=
ired for
his host-to-device proposal and he wanted it to be on the IETF sta=

7. Brief discussion of Pete Zahler's testing work. Pete said that he is=
getting a printer on the network for testing and is working on upd=
ates for
test plan document

8. Discussion of Notification work items - Requirements document has be=
updated and submitted. Scott and Harry have posted presentation ma=
to the ftp site. Tom asked whether or not anyone had considered d=
for notifications. Ira said that there was some issues with SNMP N=

9. Carl-Uno said that he wants to find a "Champion" for each of the
notification and
host-to-device work items. He will work on this.

10. Scott is having ongoing discussions with IPP mapping to SLP and dri=
ving this
with the SLP people.

11. Discussed the need to define a new error code and words to go with =
it on
printer busy condition. Randy has posted a discussion to the FTP =
site and
said that he will write up the text for the Model document.

12. Dictionary attributes - Tom and Roger will work on this with the go=
al of
a proposal for the enxt PWG meeting.

13. Carl Uno asked if anyone wanted to work with Tom on Document attrib=
No one offered.

14. An old homework item was discussed - the registration of mime types=
No specific action item was taken.

15. There was some discussion of Tom's proposal for early binding of de=
attributes. The consensus seemd to be that this was not just a s=
to the Model document. The possibility of having some vendor(s) =
do this
as a private extension was discussed.

16. Carl-uno is looking for someone to be the editor of an "Implementor=

17. There was soem discussion on UDP, but no one felt that they unders=
what follow-on activities were planned. UDP should be a separa=
group from IPP.

18. Reminder that the next IPP face to face meeting is April 8-9 in Por=
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