IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> MOD - Updated MIB Access paper posted, V0.3

Re: IPP> MOD - Updated MIB Access paper posted, V0.3

Wed, 6 May 1998 07:37:28 -0400

Posting a paper and sending notice very early on the day of the conference
call (3:45AM EDT) seems to me to be way to late to be included in
discussions. While those of us on the east coast might have a little time
for review, clearly others have almost no time. I think it would be
appropriate to delay discussion on this until next week.

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Subject: IPP> MOD - Updated MIB Access paper posted, V0.3

Scott, Bob, Kris, and I finished the collaboration on the MIB access using
IPP. We incorporated the agreements from last week's telecon.
We'd like to present it at the telecon today, 10-12 PDT (1-3 EDT).
There are a few minor issues highlighted in yellow.
Its available at:
Please use the last one for the telecon.

Here is the abstract:
IPP Device and MIB access
Version 0.03
This document introduces a new Device object into the IPP object model. An
IPP Printer object may support one or more Device objects which each
represent a physical device as shown in the Internet Printing Protocol/1.0:
Model and Semantics specification. This document provides read access to
such Device objects by defining a mapping from table entries in the Printer
MIB to new algorithmically generated attribute names. New algorithmically
generated attribute group names allow convenient read-only access to any
row, any column, and any entire table in the Printer MIB, as well as the
entire Printer MIB. A general algorithmically generated attribute name
provides access to any single SNMP object in any MIB. These new attribute
names and attribute group names are supplied in the "requested-attributes"
Operation attribute of the current Get-Printer-Attributes operation. A new
OPTIONAL "which-device" Operation attribute permits the requester to select
a particular device for the case where an IPP Printer object is supporting
more than one device.