IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Please join arabia@makelist.com

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Please join arabia@makelist.com

IPP> Please join arabia@makelist.com

List Manager (Khaldoon@arabia.com)
29 May 1998 23:56:52 -0000


this is an invitation to join the arabia mailing list.

Here is a welcome statement provided by the list manager:

Welcome to the Arabia.On.Line Daily Dispatch. Recently, you have expressed interest in receiving updated news and information from Arabia.On.Line via email. 

To accept this invitation, please just send any reply to this message; your mail program should have a 'reply' feature that inserts the correct subscription address automatically.

Or accept by going to the following Web location: http://www.makelist.com/subscribe?email=ipp@pwg.org&list=arabia&code=7930167

If you do not wish to join, please just discard this invitation.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the manager of this list at Khaldoon@arabia.com

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