IPP Mail Archive: IPP> ipp architecture.

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> ipp architecture.

IPP> ipp architecture.

M Govindaraju (govindm@teil.soft.net)
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 12:43:25 -0530 (IST)

hello everybody,
i am new and (asked to) work on ipp architecture implementation.
Upon reading the model and semantics draft, I have the following queries
to make.
1) What is the interface defined/required between the Ipp server/
print service ?
2) The functionality of print servicem ?
3) What is/are the interface between the print service and the
device ?
4) Directory service ( which the draft tells is out of scope of
document .). Is there an essential requirement to implement LDAP.

Any directions / web sites is appreciated.
thanx in advance