IPP Mail Archive: Re: RE: RE: IPP> MOD> Issue 1.19 [REVISITED - charset

IPP Mail Archive: Re: RE: RE: IPP> MOD> Issue 1.19 [REVISITED - charset

Re: RE: RE: IPP> MOD> Issue 1.19 [REVISITED - charset

Carl Kugler (kugler@us.ibm.com)
9 Nov 1998 19:29:11 -0000

Tom wrote:
> Your concern is why I proposed a SHOULD, not a MUST in the following:

Okay. It's just that the SHOULD makes me feel obligated to attempt it (endeavor to extract an attributes-charset from a malformed request), even though I don't think that's the wisest course in this case. The "out", as you suggest, is to avoid sending text in the response. However, I still need to put something in the response "attributes-charset".

> This error SHOULD take precedence over any other error, so
> that the client
> will know that the returned charset is not the one
> requested. Therefore,
> the IPP object SHOULD endeavor to determine the "attribute-charset"
> operation attribute in the request. Of course, if the
> syntax of the request
> is so bad that the IPP object cannot find the
> "attributes-charset", then the
> IPP object has no choice but to return the
> 'client-error-bad-syntax' status
> code.
> NOTE: that if you don't support the "status-message" operation attribute in
> responses, then you can simply bail out when you find the syntax error as
> you prefer, since your response will not contain any 'name' or 'text'
> attributes.
> Maybe we need to add this above NOTE to the Implementers Guide?
> Tom

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