IPP Mail Archive: IPP> TES Official Bake-Off registration

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> TES Official Bake-Off registration

IPP> TES Official Bake-Off registration

Zehler, Peter (Peter.Zehler@usa.xerox.com)
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 16:18:53 -0500


This is the official registration for the IPP Bake-Off2 event.
Send the registration directly to me at

Our host will be Novell Corp.
The dates are from March 9 to March 12.
This event is open only to IPP implementers that are bringing an IPP

Novell will provide:
3 10baseT drops per organization
FTP Server, HTTP Server
HTTP Proxy(tentative list is Novell, Netscape and Microsoft)
Internet Access
Certificate Authority(tentative)
(hopefully enough power)

Novell has provided a list of hotels and a map. It is available at
We will post the instructions for shipping equipment at a later date.

The prioritized list and test plan are being updated and will be available
after the Maui meeting.
The current prioritized list for testing at the IPP Bake-Off 2 stored at
The Test Plan is available at

The detailed Bake-Off schedule will be worked as we get a better
understanding of what will be tested.
The (very)preliminary schedule is:
Tues: set-up, Brain Storm session, Begin testing
Wed: Basic connectivity, print, chunking, security, scheme
Thurs: security, NLO, Language, Charset, print by reference
Fri: hold/release, Version, other, tear-down

Important dates:
Bake-Off Registration Deadline: 2/1/99
Test Plan & Schedule firm 2/8/99
(Test Plan & Schedule final 2/15/99)
Any Test Tools to be used in Bake-Off available to participants 2/19/99

The following information is needed.
Some of the information will help us with facilities planning.
Other information is needed for planning which test should not be performed.

It will also help us allocate time in the testing schedule.
1) Participant:
2) Organization(company):
3) email address:
4) Phone:

5) Will you bring an IPP Printer:
5a) Will you be bringing printer hardware:
6) Will you be bringing an IPP Client:
7) Will you be bringing a Test Suite?
7a) Printer Test:
7b) Client Test:

8) Charset-supported (other than utf-8):
9) Natural-language-supported(other than en-*):

10) Do you support chunking?
10a) Printer(inbound):
10b) Printer(outbound):
10c) Client(inbound):
10d) Client(outbound):

11) What security is supported?
11a) Basic:
11b) Digest:
11c) SSL3:
11d) TLS:
11e) Kerboros

12) Do you support the "ipp://" scheme:

13) Do you support optional operations?
13a) print-uri or create-job/send-uri:
13b) create-job/send-uri or create-job/send-document:
13c) hold-Job/release-job:
13d) pause-printer/resume-printer:

14) Do the values you return in get-printer-attributes change based on the
operational attribute document-format:


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