IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> TES Teleconference minutes

IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> TES Teleconference minutes

RE: IPP> TES Teleconference minutes

Babak Jahromi (babakj@MICROSOFT.com)
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 13:57:51 -0800

Also, the Bake Off host said they will deploy the following proxy products
on site to be used for testing:

- Novell's
- Netscape's
- Microsoft's

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Subject: IPP> TES Teleconference minutes

A teleconference on the upcoming IPP Bake-Off was held.
Maulik Desai
Tom Hastings
Babak Jahromi
Swen Johnson
Carl Kugler
Harry Lewis
Ira McDonald
Hugo Parra
Peter Zehler

The meeting's objective was to go through the prioritized test list and
flesh out some details. Issues of general concern were also discussed.
I have never been known for my note taking, but I think I captured the major
points and action items.

1) Swen will get a note out regarding the Xerox Test Tool - SJ
2) Microsoft will make their 9x IPP client available for the Bake-Off
3) Microsoft will bring their NT Server to the Bake-Off
4) Poll of chunking support(client/printer in/out) will be added to IPP
registration - PZ
5) Suppression of chunking test (411 code) will be added to the test plan -
6) Poll of security supported to be added to registration - PZ
7) Add kerboros to security test plan - PZ
8) Provide some time in the schedule for configuration/problems with CA and
proxies - PZ
9) Add cancel of someone else's job to security testing - PZ
10) Update NLO test in Xerox test - TH
11) Send out text that covers final resolution of NLO issue - TH
12) Add poll of natural-languages-supported and charset-supported to
registration - PZ
13) Add ipp scheme test to test plan - PZ
14) Create script for Xerox test tool for ipp: scheme - TH
15) Do not test time-out for multi-operation print submission
16) Test script should tie multi-operation-timeout to support of create-job
- TH
17) FTP and HTTP documents will be available for print by reference
18) Test script should insure that utf-8 is a supported charset - TH
19) fill out charset and natural language test for latin1 or EBCIDIC and
French. Use the listing of printer-description - PZ
20) Add IPP version number test to HTTP Version test - PZ
21) Add IPP version number test to Xerox test script - TH
22) Add proxy into version portion of test plan - PZ
23) Add invalid state transitions into hold/release test plan - PZ
24) Modify test scripts for spool/nonspool printers - TH
25) Make sure test plan accommodates both spooling and nonspooling printers
- PZ
26) Add document-format coloring of get-printer-attributes to registration -
27) Large jobs should be used with chunking test, update plan - PZ
28) Get large postscript file - PZ
29) Get large graphics file - HP
30) Add test of alternative ports - PZ

That's what I had written down.
Stay tuned for Bake-Off registration ping.


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