IPP Mail Archive: IPP> MOD - Ok to add 'image/tiff'

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> MOD - Ok to add 'image/tiff'

IPP> MOD - Ok to add 'image/tiff'

Richard Shockey (rshockey@ix.netcom.com)
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 16:24:49 -0600

Humm .. I seem to be having some SMTP trouble this afternoon ..


>Second question:
>Are you suggesting that just identifying the document-format as 'image/tiff'
>is insufficient?

Yes. .. since there are defined "Profiles" of TIFF in RFC2301 that need to
be dealt with. Some applications may not be able to process TIFF Profile F
which includes G4 400x400 MMH but can process 200x200 MH Profile S.

The rule in RFC2305 was that in the absence of any knowledge of the
recipients capabilities TIFF Profile S MUST be sent.

>For conformance in IFAX using IPP, we may need to specify that image/tiff
>includes some particular profile. Or are you suggesting that we need to
>specify the profile in the value of the IPP "document-format" attribute in
>some way?

YES !! This will be critical to gateway to another facsimile services.

Of course this will depend on the abilities of the Printer Object... it may
be able to accept anything thrown at it and convert to Profile S or
whatever TIFF Profile or Image Type the Object specifies as default.

>Does the submitter (client software) have to identify the profile being used
>in what is being submitted to the IPP Printer, or is it sufficient for the
>IPP Printer to indicate the profile or profiles that it will accept and
>image correctly for documents submitted with the document-format attribute
>indicating 'image/tiff'?
> If the latter is sufficient, we could just add a
>Printer Description attribute, say, tiff-profiles-supported, in which the
>printer lists the tiff profiles that it supports. Such an attribute would
>not be submitted with the document, but would be queriable using

That sounds right but then client would always have to query for
Printer-Attributes before rendering the image and those Printer-Attributes
should conform to the profiles defined in 2301.

>If the submitter has to identify the profile being passed, then we would
>need to add a new Job Template attribute (or may a new Operation attribute?)
>that indicates the "tiff-profile" being submitted. This attribute would
>only be submitted when the "document-format" attribute also being submitted
>was 'image/tiff'.

Yes. It would strike me a Job Template attribute, but I'm willing to be
persuaded by better arguments.

The question is, however, do you really want to add all of this into 1.1
now [ it would be great BTW ] or wait until there is an attempt to document
a "IPP Facsimile Service Mode" which I think we all understood was going to
be a super set of IPP 1.1 and would then include the mandates for Printer
Objects to return time/date values, vCard, Job-Separators as cover pages
etc etc.

Obviously the more that can be done in 1.1 the better.

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