IPP Mail Archive: IPP> IPP2IFAX BOF - HI-FI DOCS Tuesday 16

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> IPP2IFAX BOF - HI-FI DOCS Tuesday 16


Richard Shockey (rshockey@ix.netcom.com)
Thu, 04 Mar 1999 03:07:13 -0600

It seems that we have a room and a schedule for the IPP2IFAX BOF ..soon to
be called HI-FI DOCS or whatever the consensus is ....

I will try to have a draft agenda/charter etc ready by Monday of next week
since I am in transit.

If there are any items or suggestions folks would like to make for the
agenda please email me or the list and I'll be delighted to include them.

ciao ---


TUESDAY, March 16, 1999

0800-1700 IETF Registration - Ballroom Foyer
0800-0900 Continental Breakfast - Ballroom Foyer
0900-1000 Morning Sessions I

Rochester APP ipp2ifax Internet Print Protocol and Internet Fax
Duluth APP sieve Sieve Mail Filtering Language BOF
Salon G OPS ngtrans Next Generation Transition WG
Hennepin/Carver OPS rps Routing Policy System WG
Salon D RTG mobileip IP Routing for Wireless/Mobile Hosts WG *
Marquette/LaSalle SEC xmldsig XML Digital Signatures BOF
Salon A TSV malloc Multicast-Address Allocation WG *
Salon EF TSV megaco Media Gateway Control WG


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