IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> MOD - part of Issue 17 - don't need

IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> MOD - part of Issue 17 - don't need

Re: IPP> MOD - part of Issue 17 - don't need

Richard Shockey (rshockey@ix.netcom.com)
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 20:30:57 -0500

I'm going to reply to this then remain silent again..

>First, any law-making issues are WAY beyond the scope of any standard.

You might think that but you put printers on the Net and the first time
some one tries to spam that printer ...I can tell guarantee you customers
will start howling for security measures. I have considerable evidence that
if care is taken within the standard itself... the full protection of US
Code 47.5.II, section 227 can be extended to all IPP transactions as they
are for fax. That means that you can sue someone for spaming your IPP
printer. You want to sell this technology ..then giving it legal
protection is important and standards bodies and the standards process can
assist in that process.

The simple fact is there is no difference between the LAN and the Net.. it
just Lan's sit behind a fire wall.

>Third, I think any discussion of facsimile/IFAX/whatever comes under
>a separate specification anyways, so let's not clutter up IPP with
>IFAX requirements.

I submit there is no difference between general IPP printing and the
general concept of "facsimile" printing... that said ..I did run a BOF on
the issue a IETF Minneapolis.

I cannot imagine a network administrator who would not want to know who is
using printing resources and WHEN.

>I like the idea of supporting date/time when it is available, but
>*requiring* it when we *know* that the primary application of IPP
>(namely embedding it into network printers) probably *can't* support
>it without extra, external code and/or services is not the way to go.

I would like for someone to confirm this ..but I believe that the cost of
adding clock chips to printer devices is trivial. Fax machines now sell for
under $100 all have them...I know manufacturers are very sensitive to Bill
of Material costs..but since IPP devices are, perhaps, the last best hope
for adding real profit margins to the printer business, not requiring
time/date responses for printers is being penny wise and pound foolish.

The more IPP does to satisfy security as well as requirements time/date
responses now, just makes the task of others in the future easier.

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