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IPP> Questions on IPP

peiwai chiu (peiwai@usa.net)
16 Aug 99 11:58:56 MDT


I wonder if anyone can answer the following questions related to IPP.

Say I print a document through a printer driver to make a data file and s=
it to a ipp printer. If the settings of "number of copies", "orientation"=
other job templates in my data file are different than what I choose in t=
ipp client job attributes, (1) can the ipp printer detect the inconsisten=
(2) can the printer change the setting embedded in my data that I sent or=

override it. (3) if not, why bother asking so many attributes. (or the
attributes are actually generated by the client applicatiion which are th=
exact copies of user's choices.) (4) what will happen to the printout?

Please let me know if this address in not for posting questions.


Roy Chiu