IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> Re: .pdf down-loaded using Acrobat/Distiller V4.0

IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> Re: .pdf down-loaded using Acrobat/Distiller V4.0

RE: IPP> Re: .pdf down-loaded using Acrobat/Distiller V4.0

Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 08:34:10 -0700


While I thought I had set the compatibility of Distiller to V3.0, when I ran
Distiller just now, the compatibility was set to V4.0, not V3.0. After
setting it to V3.0 and exiting, and then running Distiller again did keep
the V3.0 compatibility setting. So I'll make a .pdf file and try again to
see if this fixes the problem that all words are run together when printing
the document (the .pdf document can still be viewed ok on the screen; the
words aren't run together on the screen).


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I think it's currently common for users of Acrobat/Distiller 4.0 to
set the default output to be Acrobat 3.0 compatible. Doug
Gorvetzian has advised me that you can set Distiller's
compatibility option by:

1) Start the Distiller application manually (by selecting Start
-> Programs -> Adobe Acrobat 4.0 -> Acrobat Distiller 4.0)
2) Select Settings -> Job Options
3) On the General tab, set Compatibility to be Acrobat 3.0
4) Close Distiller

(However I don't know if this will fix the specific problem here,
namely all the words being run together when seen in Acrobat 3.0.)


Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 15:00:57 -0400
From: Michael Sweet <mike@easysw.com>
Organization: Easy Software Products
To: ipp@pwg.org
Subject: Re: IPP> NOT - IPP Server MIB - 19 Sept 1999 [.pdf down-loaded
Acrobat/Distiller V4.0]

"Hastings, Tom N" wrote:
> ...
> ...
> problem also, but have not been able to isolate the problem. Has
> anyone else had the problem?

Yes, along with a large number of other problems with Acrobat 4.0
in general...

> One solution is to down-load Acrobat V4.0 Reader from Adobe. Its
> free.

... and also full of a lot of new bugs...

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