IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> Set2 Operations

IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> Set2 Operations

RE: IPP> Set2 Operations

Ira Mcdonald (imcdonal@sdsp.mc.xerox.com)
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 12:55:10 -0400

Hi folks, Tuesday (21 September 1999)

Bob Herriot asked at the last IPP Telecon "what about going more than
one level deep?". He was commenting on my idea for 'device-name' as a
new OPTIONAL Printer operation attribute that explicitly targets the
operation at the named device and RATHER THAN the Printer object itself.

Harry Lewis just added both 'device-name' (Printer operation attribute)
and 'device-names-supported (Printer object attribute) to his latest
draft of the proposed IPP Set-2 operations.

So lately I've been reading a lot of security stuff, which is full of
certificate chains. And I've also been doing some ASN.1 work with X.500
directories. Thus...

I propose that we replace the Printer operation attribute 'device-name'
(single-valued) with 'device-name-path' (ordered and multi-valued):

device-name-path (1setOf deviceName)

We also define the new datatype 'deviceName', including caveats about it
being local scope (only 'global' when prefixed by the 'printer-uri'
operation attribute), probably human-readable (in someone's language),
and probably the same value as 'prtGeneralPrinterName' in Printer MIB v2
supporting managed systems (I *hope* these correlate).

Notice that (assuming 'printer-uri' is the 'root') 'device-name-path' is
essentially an X.500-style Distinguished Name (DN) for a device any
number of hops 'beyond' the IPP Printer object which contains the FIRST
'deviceName' element in the (ordered) list 'device-name-path' as a
member of its own (unordered) list 'device-names-supported'.


- Ira McDonald
High North Inc