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RE: IPP> NOT> "notify-status-code" is undefined

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 07:21:22 EDT

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    True that enums are SIGNED-INTEGER 4 bytes, but so are the enums that we
    assign for "operations-supported" whose values have to fit into two bytes in
    the request headers, just like status codes have to fit into bytes the
    response. We just require that the two high order bytes always be zero when
    we assign the values.


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    I'm all for enums, however, enum attributes are still SIGNED-INTEGER, 4


    "Hugo Parra" <HPARRA@novell.com> on 10/16/2000 09:08:19 PM

    To: Carl Kugler/Boulder/IBM@IBMUS
    Subject: Re: IPP> NOT> "notify-status-code" is undefined

    Their value range would suggest that "notify-status-code"s are in the same
    space as the other regular IPP "status-codes". For that reason I'd suggest
    that they be encoded the same way as "status-codes" i.e., with two bytes.
    I'm currently using ENUM to encode them. What do others think?


    >>> "Carl Kugler/Boulder/IBM" <kugler@us.ibm.com> 10/10/00 03:56PM >>>
    ipp-not-spec-000830 fails to specify the attribute syntax for
    "notify-status-code" (returned in the Subscription Attributes Groups of

    It's not really obvious how to encode it, either. The operation attribute
    group's "status-code" is a SIGNED-SHORT in a special location. There is no
    attribute tag for a SIGNED-SHORT. "Integer" and "enum" are SIGNED-INTEGER.

    I'm guessing it should be (integer(0x00000001:0x00000415))?


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