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RE: IPP> paper sources

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 07:21:38 EDT

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    What do you mean by "paper source"? Give some examples? Do you mean input

    We currently don't have a way in IPP for a client to find out what is in
    each input tray. However, we do have a way for the client to figure out
    what is loaded in input trays, by querying the "media-ready" (see RFC 2911)
    and/or "media-col-ready" (see Production Printing spec) Printer attributes.
    The client get a list of distinct media instances that are currently loaded
    in input trays.


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    Though studying some RFC I do not find information about support of paper
    sources in IPP.
    I found some tray names in "Model and Semantics", but no connection to any
    I did specifically check "Production Printing Attributes", where I find
    media size and type, but not source.
    Is that intended? Did I oversee so anything?
    If so, please simply point me somewhere.

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