IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> Media Standardized Names - Units

IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> Media Standardized Names - Units

RE: IPP> Media Standardized Names - Units

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 20:02:10 EDT

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    There are exactly 254 mm in an inch, so the precision is about the same, the
    inches are about 4 times more precise than the metric units.

    For example, the two most popular Self Describing Size Names are:

    The letter size (8.5 inches by 11 inches) used in North America:
    The iso A4 size (210 mm by 297 mm) used in metric countries:

    Note that they both have about the same number of digits in each dimension,
    namely around 4.

    Also there isn't any need to convert from inches to mm or vice versa,
    because the paper size is given ONLY in the natural units for the usage. So
    North American sizes only use 1000ths of inches and aren't converted to mm.
    Similarly, the non-English sizes are always given in 10ths of mm and aren't
    converted to inches. Therefore, there is never any rounding errors to worry

    The only rounding that could occur, is if some paper size is actually in
    some fraction of inches, or mm, such as 200 1/3 mm or 10 1/3 inches. But I
    don't think we have any sizes like that.



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    I'm questioning the use of 1/1000 for English but only 1/10 for metric.
    Not only are we loosing precision, but, also introducing rounding errors
    during conversion from English to metric . I know the printer MIB heritage
    is 1/1000 English and 1/10 metric... but
    I think we should try to be more precise in this new media mapping.
    Harry Lewis
    IBM Printing Systems

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    is now available


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    FW: Media Standardized Names, Version D0.6 is now available

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    Subject: Media Standardized Names, Version D0.6 is now available


    The latest draft is now available at:

            ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/media-sizes/pwg-media-06.pdf (or .doc)

    I will not repeat the abstract here or the list of changes. This
    information is
    available within the document, if you are interested. The major change to
    version is the addition of the "Media Finish Names".

    This document will have a final review in the PWG meetings during the week
    of April 23rd and should then be ready for last call.

            Ron Bergman
            Hitachi Koki Imaging Solutions

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