IPP Mail Archive: IPP> ASME Y14.M metric Elongated Size and

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> ASME Y14.M metric Elongated Size and

IPP> ASME Y14.M metric Elongated Size and Extra-Elongated Sizes and a different ASME F size

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 21:34:31 EDT

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    I finally got my copy of the ASME Y14.M-1995 Metric Drawing Sheet Size and
    Format Standard. Some of its sizes are in IPP, so we should probably add all
    of them to the PWG Media Standardized Names standard.

    In addition to having A0 to A4 (with the usual dimensions), they have
    Elongated Sizes for A3 and A4 in which the standard size is placed N times
    with the long edge next to long edge, and Extra-Elongated Sizes for A0 to

    Elongated Sizes in mm:

    A3X3 420 891
    A3X4 420 1189
    A4X3 297 630
    A4X4 297 841
    A4X5 297 1051

    Extra-Elongated Sizes in mm:

    A0X2 1189 1682
    A0X3 1189 2523
    A1X3 841 1783
    A1X4 841 2378
    A2X3 594 1261
    A2X4 594 1682
    A2X5 594 2102
    A3X5 420 1486
    A3X6 420 1783
    A3X7 420 2080
    A4X6 297 1261
    A4X7 297 1471
    A4X8 297 1682
    A4X9 297 1892

    ISSUE: Should we prefix these sizes with 'asme-' or not?

    The Media Size Self Describing Names would be either:

    a3x3.4200-8910 or asme-a3x3.4200-8910
    a3x4.4200-11890 or asme-a3x4.4200-11890

    Since all of the metric sizes have a prefix of iso, jis or jpn, I suggest we
    have the asme- prefix, ok?

    While we are at it I checked the ASME Y14.1-1995 Decimal Inch Drawing Sheet
    Size and Format sizes as well.

    ISSUE: ASME F size is NOT the same as our PWG na-f.44000-68000 size!

    The A through F sizes are the same as we have already in the document,
    except for F, so all we need to do is add a reference number in the Ref
    column. However, our na-f.44000-68000 does NOT agree with the ASME F size.
    In the ASME standard, F is 28 by 40 inches. Yes, in the ASME standard, F is
    smaller than E; E is 34 by 44 inches (same as in our standard).

    There is no reference for na-f.44000-68000, so I wonder where it came from?

    If na-f.44000-68000 is different from the ASME F size, we can add
    na-asme-f.28000-40000 as distinct from our na-f.44000-68000, or is
    f.44000-68000 a mistake in our standard?

    The so-called Roll Sizes G through K are in inches, but seem to have a
    variable number of segments, so I don't think we have any good way to name
    these sizes.

    Size Vert Min Max
    G 11 22.5 90
    H 28 44 143
    J 34 55 176
    K 40 55 143


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