IPP Mail Archive: IPP> FW: [Srvloc-discuss] Zeroconf and SLP

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> FW: [Srvloc-discuss] Zeroconf and SLP

IPP> FW: [Srvloc-discuss] Zeroconf and SLP BoF at Linux-Kongress [5 Se pt 2002]

From: McDonald, Ira (imcdonald@sharplabs.com)
Date: Wed Aug 14 2002 - 13:00:00 EDT

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    Hi folks,

    FYI - a BoF on Zeroconf and SLP at Linux-Kongress 2002 in Cologne (Koln)
    Germany on Thursday (5 September 2002).

    - Ira McDonald
      High North Inc

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    I have arranged a BoF session for Linux-Kongress 2002 on automatic
    technology implementation. A full description of what is planned is on line
    at http://www.linux-kongress.org/2002/bofs/index.html#zeroconf

    The BoF will be held Thursday 5-September-2002, in Cologne (Koln), Germany.
    The BoF will officially start at 1430, and run until 1600 (local time).
    However I will try to be at the room from about 1400 to welcome people and
    have informal discussions. We may have to vacate the room after (depends on
    other BoFs that are still to be scheduled) and find a pub or coffee house if

    it runs a bit long.

    Erik Guttman and I (well, mostly Erik, I guess) will be moderating it. I
    already have some expressions of interest from CUPS developers who will be
    the conference, but if anyone else with an interest in this area can make,
    it'd be great to see you there.

    Full conference details are on their web-site (see above). I strongly
    encourage you to register (even if only for the day), although it is not
    absolutely mandatory if you only want to attend the BoF.
    If you don't register, you can't go to the official talks and wont get any
    coffee in the breaks etc. and no printed proceedings. You can attend the
    exhibition though.

    Sorry if this is too off-topic, but a get-together for a few hours can often

    overcome weeks of emails, so this might be a good chance to progress things.


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