IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Submission from [Ron.Bergman@hitachi-

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Submission from [Ron.Bergman@hitachi-

IPP> Submission from [Ron.Bergman@hitachi-ps.us]

From: Carl (carl@manros.com)
Date: Sat Dec 14 2002 - 03:08:25 EST

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    Ron please reregister your latest email address.


    Carl-Uno Manros
    10701 S Eastern Ave #1117
    Henderson, NV 89052, USA
    Tel +1-702-617-9414
    Fax +1-702-617-9417
    Mob +1-702-525-0727
    Email carl@manros.com


    Looks like a good start for color support!

    I have two minor comments:

      1. The "resource-cleanup" attribute should be split to separate the
    function and the applicable files.
            resource-cleanup (type 3 keyword)
            resource-files (1setOf name(MAX))

      2. I suggest "colorants-supported" be renamed to "colorants-ready" to be
    more consistent with the
         usage of "supported" and "ready" in other attribute names.


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