IPP Mail Archive: IPP> ISSUE 17: about server-error-too-many

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> ISSUE 17: about server-error-too-many

IPP> ISSUE 17: about server-error-too-many-jobs (0x050B)

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Thu Jun 19 2003 - 13:35:56 EDT

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    Do you have some input on this issue in the Document object spec about what
    we should say about whether or not the client should try again (later) on
    the proposed new server-error-too-many-jobs (0x050B):

    22. About ISSUE17:
    13.1 server-error-too-many-jobs (0x050B)
    The client has attempted to create a Job using any of the Job Creation
    operations which would exceed the capacity of the Printer and/or the policy
    for this user or type of Job. The client SHOULD NOT try again later. DMC
    ISSUE17: I would have said SHOULD try again later, because resources might
    have been freed up. That is, I would have read "too many jobs" as a
    resource issue and "too many documents" as a policy issue. If we're saying
    not to try again, we should be clear that this error should only be returned
    if the problem is not expected to go away.

    Good ISSUE! It would be good to get Michael Sweet's input on this, since he
    requested these error codes.


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