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MFD> Use Case - Scan Service Discovery

From: McDonald, Ira (
Date: Thu May 17 2007 - 12:57:11 EDT

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    As promised at today's MFD WG telecon:

    Use Case - Scan Service Discovery

    Bill wants to discover the Scan Services available in his enterprise
    network, so that he can choose one in the future when he wants to submit
    a Scan Job. Bill wants to discover Scan Services both statically (via
    enterprise directories) and dynamically (via discovery protocols). Bill
    can statically discover Scan Services via an LDAP query to his
    enterprise directory that searches for instances of an LDAP Scanner
    schema (which represents a Scan Service or a Scan Device), similar to
    the industry standard LDAP Printer schema (RFC 3712). Bill can
    dynamically discover Scan Services by a DNS query to his enterprise DNS
    server that searches for instances of a DNS SRV (RFC 2782) record for a
    Scan Service (to be registered w/ IANA).

    [A suggestion - in the MFD Scan Service Model & Requirements spec,
    each use case should be a numbered section (in the table of contents),
    for each of reference in subsequent derived Design Requirements]

    [Context about DNS-SD - sadly, Apple (Stuart Cheshire) has allowed
    the DNS-SD Internet-Drafts to expire and apparently plans to submit
    new ones at some unknown future date to be published as Informational
    RFCs (documenting Bonjour behavior). So registering the DNS SRV type
    with IANA (and the DNS-SD site) is straightforward, but the actual
    discovery protocol exists only in Apple publications - perhaps the PWG
    can encourage Paul Danbold (Apple member of PWG) to improve on this

    - Ira

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