Multi-Function Device Modeling: MFD> Use Case - Scan Service Capabilities

MFD> Use Case - Scan Service Capabilities

From: Whittle, Craig (
Date: Fri May 18 2007 - 15:31:26 EDT

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    Per the action item from our telecom yesterday:

    Use Case - Scan Service Capabilities

    Preconditions: MFD with scanner capabilities is setup on the network.
    MFD has been previously discovered and is known to the application
    software that will query the device for capabilities.

    Ira wants to learn if the scanner is capable of sending his document as
    a PDF file to his mailbox. He would also like to know if he can
    password encrypt the file to be sent. From the application on his PC,
    Ira is able to select scan options available knowing that these will be

    I also posted a relatively simple diagram on the ftp server (see, Visio
    source also posted).

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