MFD> Teleconference Thursday Aug 2 at 3pm eastern

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Date: Fri Jul 20 2007 - 17:05:06 EDT

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    We will be holding the next MFD teleconference on Thursday August 2 at
    3pm eastern. The meeting is on the PWG calendar
    <>. I will update
    the entry and send out a note when I return from Vacation next week. We
    will be using the usual teleconference number. I will also set up a
    LiveMeeting meeting and include the details in the update.


    The specification is being updated and Nancy will post the document and
    announce its availability next week. Please take the time to review the
    document and send comment or issues to Nancy. We will discuss the
    issues and comments raised at the teleconference.


    I have updated the Semantic Model schema and it is available at
    <>. It is in
    fairly rough form and, naturally, is in transition. The areas of
    primary interest are the Scan Service, Scan Job and Scan Document. The
    included WSDL files for Print and Scan are able to generate code under
    gSOAP. The Microsoft WSDL tools do not understand MTOM. (Replacing
    MTOM with simple input/output headers and bodies will generate code with
    the Microsoft tools. MTOM is handled via explicit function calls.) I
    welcome any comments on the WSDL/schema.




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