MFD> updated Scan Service Model and Requirements working draft

Date: Thu Jul 26 2007 - 14:32:04 EDT

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    Dear All,

    Pete and I have made major updates to the working draft since the last
    face-to-face meeting. The updated draft is available as: and

    The version with revision marks is available as: and

    Here is an outline of the updates:

    (1) Updated use cases 1~ 4 with identified processing flow step
    requirements and design requirements and use case diagrams.
    (2) Updated the Scan Job Ticket Lifecycle Diagram and descriptive text.
            (3) Added initial text for Scan Service Model Overview.
            (4) Added Top level scan service diagrams in Section 4.3 and
    initial description text for Service Status elements and Service
    Description elements.
            (5) Added Scan Job Schema Diagram in Section 4.5 and initial
    descriptive text for Job State, StateReasons, StateMessages elements and
    the Job State Transition Diagram in Section 4.6.

            Please review the updates so far and I'll incorporate any comment
    from you all before the next teleconference (Aug. 2, next Thursday).


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