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Date: Mon Aug 06 2007 - 08:34:37 EDT

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    The question has been asked "Should we change to use a UML tool such as
    Rational Rose to capture our MFD model?"
    This was discussed at the last teleconference. On the pro side was it
    provided a standard machine readable representation of the model and
    allow for direct machine generated code. On the con side was that the
    tools are expensive and would incur a learning curve for the
    uninitiated. There may be an unequal benefit across the PWG (it is
    unknown how many participants use CASE tools). The consensus was that
    we should take this to the MFD mailing list hence this note.
    Is anyone volunteering to create and maintain the UML diagrams? If
    someone will, we can certainly incorporate them into the specification
    and store them on the PWG site along with the specification and
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