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    Section Walk-up Scan and Store Document -
    A user walks up to a MFD, places his/her original paper on the platen and
    then pushes the start button. Processing Flow Step Requirements
    The following flow steps have been identified as requirements for this usage

    Step 1. User places hardcopy document on platen or ADF (automatic document
    Step 2: The user presses the start button
    Step 3: The Local Scan Client copies the default scan job template into a
    user's scan job template.
    Step 4: The Local Scan Client sends the user's scan job template to the
    Local Scan Service
    Step 5: The Local Scan Service instantiates the scan template to a scan job
    Step 6: The Local Scan Service instantiates a scan job and bound the job to
    the previously created scan job ticket, then schedules the user scan job.
    Step 7: The Local Scan Service executes the user's scan job.
    Step 8: The Local Scan Service stores the digital document at the specific
    storage location.
    Step 9: The Local Scan Service notifies the MFD Scan Client that the scan
    job is complete.
    Step10: The Local Scan Client notifies the user the scan job is complete
    based on the information in the scan job ticket.

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