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From: Zehler, Peter (
Date: Wed Oct 31 2007 - 15:53:21 EDT

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    My comments:

    PZ01 - Line:264 - Remove the line marked 4 from the diagram. The client
    does not ask the Template Manager Service for a new/empty template. The
    new template is created based on the Job Ticket schema.

    PZ02 - Line 272 - delete (see PZ01)

    PZ03 - Line 273 delete (see PZ04)

    PZ04 - Line 274 change to "The remote Scan Client requests, from the
    user's specified Scan Service (scanner), the associated description
    attribute and the range of values for each element."

    PZ05 - Line 282 change to "The Template Manager Service stores the
    configured Scan Job Template in its Job Template Repository (local or

    PZ06 - renumber diagram and processing flow.

    PZ07 - Line 291-292 - delete (See PZ01)

    PZ08 - Line 333 - change to "From the Local Scan Client the end user
    requests a list of templates"

    PZ09 - Line 378 - change "supportedand" to "supported and"

    PZ10 - Comment - We know when a Digital Document is created. Does the
    model contain any attributes that control the deletion of the Digital
    Document? I assume if we do add this feature it would only apply to
    Digital Documents store internal to the MFD and accessible only via the
    Scan Service.

    PZ11 - Line 550 - This should be Pause instead of disable. We want to
    temporarily interrupt the processing of scan jobs not the acceptance of
    new scan jobs into the queue

    PZ12 - Comment - What is the difference between use case 6 and 7

    PZ13 - Comment - I would like to update the model and operations based
    on the existing WSDL/Schema with updates based on requirements from this
    version of the document


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