Multi-Function Device Modeling: MFD> Discussion on image processing functions

MFD> Discussion on image processing functions

From: Petrie, Glen (
Date: Tue Dec 18 2007 - 10:34:21 EST

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    In the current ScanService specification we have image processing functions
    such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc. My assumption is that
    network scanning is akin to batch processing versus a direct connected MFD
    (/scanner) which would provide a more interactive mode of operation.
    Therefore, I wonder how an end user will set the values for brightness,
    contrast, sharpness, etc in a non-interactive mode. Any of these image
    processing settings may change from page-to-page in a single document and
    from document-to-document. For a non-interactive (batch) scan processes, I
    believe that the image processing function should only be "Auto"; i.e.
    Auto-Brightness, Auto-Contrast, Auto-Sharpness, etc. At a minimum, there
    has to be an "Auto" setting. This way optimization is done on a
    page-to-page/document-to-document basis without user interaction. It may
    be desired to report (return) the "Auto" setting that was actually used for
    each function on a page-to-page basis.



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