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From: Zehler, Peter (
Date: Thu Jan 31 2008 - 20:55:26 EST

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    Nancy and I have completed the edits on the Scan documents and schema.
    The Scan document was broken apart into two documents. One covers use
    cases and requirements and the second document covers the semantic model
    and interface definitions. The requirements document is in pretty good
    shape. The model document needs quite a bit of work. The model
    document has some structure but the details of the semantics are
    lacking. I expect that is where we will spend a bit of time at the
    upcoming face to face. I will get an agenda of the items we will cover
    at the face to face as soon as I can. We've got some big ticket items to
    discuss such as a coordinate system and how it relates to the physical
    scan device and the images generated. There is also the definition of
    image semantics such as orientation, rotation, magnification and

    The Schema and WSDL files have been updated and made available. I have
    updated the MFD page <> which has links
    to the latest documents and schema as well as a link that allows you to
    browse the schema. (A convenience for those of you without an XML tool)

    The updated requirements Document(.doc, and -rev.pdf/doc are also

    The new model Document:

    WSDL/Schema (Just updated and still in transition):

    See you at the face to face,



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