Multi-Function Device Modeling: MFD> overall MFD considerations

MFD> overall MFD considerations

From: William A Wagner (
Date: Thu Nov 20 2008 - 20:43:36 EST

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    At the October face-to-face, we had what I believe was a useful overview
    discussion of the interfaces to the various MFD services. I think that,
    although modeling a conceptual MFD service by service is a practical way to
    approach this task, there is the possibility of losing or distorting (or
    never having) an overall perspective. I have redrawn the interfaces
    diagram, provided some text, attempted a generalization of the terminology,
    and taken a cut at a generalized ticket life diagram. These are posted at


    I have noticed some roughness in the Scan Service Terminology (I think Glen
    mentioned it) and a typeo:

    “CrossFeed direction This is the direction perpendicular to the movement of
    the Hard Copy

    Document or light bar of the scanner. For scanners that use a

    technology other that a light bar, this is the direction along which the

    image data is acquired most slowly. (See also Fast Scan direction, X

    and §7.1.4) This direction is sometimes referred to as XFeed



    I expect the cross-feed is the direction along which the image data is
    acquired most rapidly.


    Also, although I thought I understood the ScanJobTicket Lifecycle diagram
    (Fig 5 in the Scan Service Spec), when Pete explained it, I admit that I
    found it confusing when I tried to extrapolate a generalized JobTicket
    diagram, particularly when also looking at earlier versions and at the
    Multifunction Device Overview diagram (fig 1) in the current spec. If this
    looks OK to everyone else, I will figure it out.


    I would appreciate comments on the MFD Outline white paper…whether “it’s a
    waste of time” or “ it’s a useful document” or whatever is appropriate in




    Bill Wagner

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