PMP Mail Archive: PMP> New PrtGeneralEntry objects

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> New PrtGeneralEntry objects

PMP> New PrtGeneralEntry objects

Caruso,Angelo (
Mon, 13 Jan 1997 17:13:47 PST

One of my action items from the Albuquerque meeting is to specify the
grouping for the new objects in the General Printer table entry. The
following formatting and comments make it pretty explicit to which
group each object belongs (thanks to Tom Hastings for the comments idea):

PrtGeneralEntry ::= SEQUENCE {
-- Note that not all of the objects in this sequence are in the
-- general printer group.

-- members of the General Printer Group:
prtGeneralConfigChanges Counter32,
prtGeneralCurrentLocalization Integer32,
prtGeneralReset PrtGeneralResetTC,

-- members of the Responsible Party Group:
prtGeneralCurrentOperator OCTET STRING,
prtGeneralServicePerson OCTET STRING,

-- members of the Input Group:
prtInputDefaultIndex Integer32,

-- members of the Output Group:
prtOutputDefaultIndex Integer32,

-- members of the Marker Group:
prtMarkerDefaultIndex Integer32,

-- members of the Media Path Group:
prtMediaPathDefaultIndex Integer32,

-- members of the Console Group:
prtConsoleLocalization Integer32,
prtConsoleNumberOfDisplayLines Integer32,
prtConsoleNumberOfDisplayChars Integer32,
prtConsoleDisable INTEGER,

-- members of the Auxiliary Sheet Group:
prtGeneralStartupPage PresentOnOff,
prtGeneralBannerPage PresentOnOff,

-- members of the General Printer Group:
prtGeneralAdminName OCTET STRING,
prtGeneralSerialNumber OCTET STRING,

-- members of the Alerts Group:
prtAlertCriticalEvents Counter32,
prtAlertAllEvents Counter32

The following changes are also needed:
1) Move the definitions of the prtGeneralAdminName and
prtGeneralSerialNumber objects to the end of the General Printer Group
section, just before the Covers Group section.
2) Move the definitions of the prtAlertCriticalEvents and
prtAlertAllEvents objects to the beginning of the Alerts Group
section, just after the definition of prtAlert.