PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Should Alerts be replicated???

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Should Alerts be replicated???

PMP> Should Alerts be replicated???

JK Martin (
Mon, 13 Jan 97 23:11 EST

Hey, here's a new one to chew on...

Say the printer has realized that it is low on toner (er, marking
supplies). Should it create a new Alert in the Alert Table? Sure.

But should it periodically create additional copies of the same
Alert in the Table? That is, every 30 minutes or so?

Or should it only post the Alert *once* in the Table, and only retain
a single instance of the Alert? (If, for some reason, the printer has
to flush that Alert due to space problems, then the Alert should be
recreated when space becomes available.)

What do y'all think? This is *exactly* the kind of clarifications,
guidelines, etc, we need for the Alert Table. (And this is precisely
Underscore's interest in the upcoming interoperability test in Feb,
to nail down all aspects of the Alert Table.)

We have just discovered a printer that performs such periodic replication
of Alerts...and it's driving the users of our printer monitoring software

We need some feedback on this issue as soon as possible!


PS: Hopefully the prevailing attitude is NOT that the management
application is expected to filter out such event replications...

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