PMP Mail Archive: PMP> February Meetings

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> February Meetings

PMP> February Meetings

Bill Wagner (
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 18:34:50 -0500

In reading through Harry's minutes (thank you Harry) and my own notes,
I am unclear on the actual dates of meetings for February, and would
appreciate clarification.

1. PWG notes indicate meeting from 3 to 7 Feb in San Jose
PMP interoperability testing 3-5 Feb
IPP 6 Feb
JMP 7 Feb

2. PMP notes suggest that compatibility test is four days, that it is
concerned with testing performed by a maximum of three people from
each printer (and management system) vendor. The implication is that
testing is concerned with the individual testing of each candidate

3. There is no mention of a PMP meeting to discuss either the
currently active items (explanation and justification of changes from
RFC1759), or the results/significance of the compatibility test. Such
a meeting may be considered to follow and be independent of the
testing itself, being of interest to all PMP participants.

4. Is the intent therefore not to have a PMP meeting in February? What
about other PWG projects?

Bill Wagner, DPI