PMP Mail Archive: PMP> February Meetings

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> February Meetings

PMP> February Meetings

Harry Lewis (
Thu, 16 Jan 97 08:17:24 MST

>.... You are correct there is essentially no general PMP meeting in
>February. This is a result of moving the PWG meetings to the same
>week as the InterOp testing. There were only two days left in that
>week and these will be taken up with IPP, Sense, and JMP. I was
>planning on making this up with PMP conference calls where we can
>discuss the interoperability testing results and other active issues.
>Lloyd Young

We're squeezing a lot in that week and I agree that conference calls
should work pretty well. Another option is to plan for overlap of
project meetings in which case some people would have to make hard
decisions about which to attend.

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems