PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> prtGeneralReset

PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> prtGeneralReset

Re: PMP> prtGeneralReset

Harry Lewis (
Mon, 27 Jan 97 09:25:12 MST

Patrick Donohue wrote...

>In our implementation, it's certainly an option to turn on or
>off the ability to set things through SNMP, but is that a common

I'd like to investigate this further. Since we develop both printers
and management software (like many printer vendors), I witness the
tug - printer makers wanting *some* way to protect against exposure
to the unsecured world of remote access; software makers wanting full
control, including a way to lock the opPanel from local intervention.

The recent effort to list both MIN and MAX access clarifies this a
bit. A quick scan shows the only cases with absolute r/w requirement
are prtInputDim...DECLARED and prtGeneralReset. Since these objects
only purpose is to support a SET, this seems to make sense. But,
these appear to be the only two cases in the MIB which MANDATE
support of sets. Declared dimensions can be "snapped" to the actual
supported value. We go further with prtGeneralReset, however, stating
that every printer MUST support resets to NVRAM. This certainly favors
"Big Brother is watching" over "Keepa you hands off my printer", and
gives prtGeneralReset the a unique distinction among all other Printer
MIB objects.

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems