PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Alert table for comparison

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Alert table for comparison

PMP> Alert table for comparison

Harry Lewis (
Mon, 27 Jan 97 11:56:01 MST

I'm not sure what use it will be, but I have uploaded .doc and .ps versions
of our alert table with hrDeviceStatus, hrPrinterStatus and Printer Detected
Error State. The files are in /snmpmib/alerts...

If nothing else, you can take "shots" at my implementation and use this
table as a discussion point and/or benchmark for interoperability testing.
I know Alerts is a huge area that we want to get worked out.

I have removed all the values from LOC and put in "N/A", as these are
inherently printer unique. If it will help to see the LOCs, I can put
them back in.

In some cases, we will replicate one of the listed rows several times with
different LOCs. This is either due to greater granularity in our
instrumentation or diversity among our product implementations.

I hope this helps.

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems