PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> Issues for Interop testing

PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> Issues for Interop testing

Re: PMP> Issues for Interop testing

Lloyd Young (
29 Jan 97 13:40:31 EST

JK Martin wrote:

> Early on, when plans started to firm up for this 2nd interop test,
> I thought I had asked quite clearly that the PWG define a set of
> very common alert situations, then specify which types of alerts
> should be generated for those situations. That way a management
> application could have half a chance at deriving consistent semantics
> across different implementations.

Jay, I think that you are in as good of a position as anyone to define
this common set of alert situations. You have several of the printers
already at your location. In your alert test plan you requested that
printer companies bring toner cartridges that are "low" and ones that
are empty. This seems like a good start on this.

> I hope to drive this issue to completion as part of the debrief
> session following the testing period. The original idea was to have
> a PWG-wide debrief session during the PWG meeting following (and
> adjacent to) the testing period. I am pretty disappointed that
> your plan is now to perform this debrief during a telecon to be held
> sometime later.

> I thought that the reason we moved the PWG meeting to coincide with
> the testing period was so that these kinds of issues could be quickly
> resolved by the PWG, given that a large body of participants would be
> present (and not just the folks involved with the testing). Somehow
> the wires got crossed on this one. It would be nice if the wires
> could be uncrossed so that we can get this MIB behind us.

Originally I had wanted to leave time after the 3 day testing period
to review the testing results with the people that were involved with
the testing. However, when the group voted to merge the February PWG
meetings with the interop testing, this eliminated any time that could
have been used for a "debrief" session. The best that we will be able to
do now is to have some "debrief" sessions in the evenings while the
interop testing is going on during the day and the telecon.

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