PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Issues for Interop testing

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Issues for Interop testing

PMP> Issues for Interop testing

Lloyd Young (
28 Jan 97 15:43:59 EST

I have roamed back through recent PMP e-mail attempting to pick out
issues that we should be able to look at and resolve at the interop
testing next week. In the event you want to review the e-mail that
started a particular discussion, I have included in parenthesis the
subject, author and date of the original e-mail for each discussion

- Contents of hrDeviceID (How to identify the particular printer MODEL
via SNMP Jay Martin 10/22/96)
1. hrDeviceID appears to a way for a management station to determine
the precise printer model for an agent of the Printer MIB. What is
the value of this object for all printers.

- Alerts (Should alerts be replicated? Jay Martin - 1/13/97)
1. Contents of HR MIB printer status variables in an alert condition.

- Paper out with Tray Linking (Paper Out with Tray linking - Alerts Harry
Lewis 1/22/97)
1. If multiple input sources are linked and paper runs out in one
input source, how should this status be reported?

- Interface reporting in MIB II (Interop test - interfaces Harry Lewis
1. Interface group of MIB-II with more than one network interface
2. How should parallel, serial, localtalk ports be reported?

- Support of prtGeneralReset (prtGeneralReset Harry Lewis 1/24/97)
1. Who supports which options of prtGeneralReset?
2. When is the "reset" applied?

If you have other items that you know before hand that you specifically
want looked at next week, please post them to the mailing list.

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