PMP Mail Archive: PMP> We need to improve our publication announcements

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> We need to improve our publication announcements

PMP> We need to improve our publication announcements

JK Martin (
Wed, 19 Feb 97 09:18 EST

Sorry for the cross-posting here, but this message is long overdue.

Folks, PLEASE take the 2.5 seconds to type in the complete URL to
the documents you announce to the mailing lists. It only takes a
very short time to be complete and accurate...and for those folks
with decent mail agents, this makes it very, very easy for them to
quickly reference your hard work. (After all, you DO want people
to read your work, no? And the sooner the better, right?)

This message was prompted by the attached message. Note that at this
writing (just after the attached message was posted), the contents
of the referenced server directory is:

-rw-r--r-- 1 pwg pwg 7704 Feb 19 13:05 err1.PDF
-rw-r--r-- 1 pwg pwg 29696 Feb 19 13:05 err1.doc
-rw-r--r-- 1 pwg pwg 13824 Feb 13 00:29 inputsw.doc
-rw-r--r-- 1 pwg pwg 15360 Feb 13 23:40 inputsw2.doc

Let's not make undue work for each other, ok?

Thanks for your cooperation.


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From: Lloyd Young <>
Date: 19 Feb 97 8:09:55 EST
Subject: PMP> A Top 20 Chart
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I have placed a copy of Chuck's file in Word and PDF formats in
the /pub/pwg/contributions directory.
Lloyd Young
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From: adamsc%pogo.WV.TEK.COM @ (Chuck Adams) @ SMTP
Date: 02/18/97 07:50:58 AM
Subject: PMP> A Top 20 Chart


Attached is a first draft of a chart presenting
my personal top 20 events list. I hope this
will help us in our "attempt to standardize the
alert table entries, sub-unit status, hrDeviceStatus,
hrPrinterStatus and hrPrtDetectedErrorState for a
subset of the most likely printer events."

I'll get this out now without a couple of events
since I believe they can be inferred from what
is presented here. But if you want to add more
events be my guest and have at it.

Chuck Adams
Tektronix, Inc.

P.S. If someone would be so kind as to put this in
the site
I would appreciate it.

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