PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> FEb-18-ConfCall minutes

PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> FEb-18-ConfCall minutes

Re: PMP> FEb-18-ConfCall minutes

JK Martin (
Wed, 19 Feb 97 10:21 EST


> 1. Jay's comment about a device OID is well taken, but a reasonable
> interpretation of RFC1759 suggests that the OID in MIB II should be
> adequate (except in the case of non-network printers attached to a
> separte network node)

If the sysObjectId object in the System Group of MIB II identifies the
PRINTER and not just the INTERFACE CARD (aka NIC), then sysObjectId can
be used. But this is *rarely* the case, based on our last studies of
the existing implementations.

Furthermore, just "clarifying" the situation by instructing Printer MIB
implementors to use sysObjectId is not acceptable, either. The existing
market for NICs (and related interface technology) is so explicit that
it can be impossible to control how the NIC vendor implements the MIB-II
support on the card with respect to the Printer MIB implementation that
might be inside the printer.

Therefore, in the interests of consistency (and general sanity), it would
be best for Printer MIB implementors and and app developers to rely on the
corresponding hrDeviceId object in the Host Resources MIB.


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