PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Justification of RFC 1759 changes

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Justification of RFC 1759 changes

PMP> Justification of RFC 1759 changes

Lloyd Young (
19 Feb 97 15:33:13 EST

At the Alburquerque PMP meeting, volunteers were recruited
to document why a particular change was made to RFC1759.
This documentation is required to move the Printer MIB
from Proposed to Draft. The volunteers are listed below
by the change that requires justification.

The justification only needs to be a couple of sentences.
The easiest thing to do is to state the problem that existed
in RFC1759 and why the change solves the problem. For
example what Bob wrote as justification for the two
counters added to the General Printer Group is fine:

The objects prtAlertCriticalEvents and prtAlertAllEvents have been
added to allow management application to easily determine if there
has been a change to the alert table. Without these counters, the
entire alert table must be read and parsed to determine if the state
of the printer has changed. By using these objects it can quickly be
determined whether or not there has been any change since these objects
were last read, and which class, critical or not, has changed.

1. Several Textual Conventions were added in the new
Printer MIB that were not present in RFC1759:
z Tom Hastings write up why new TC's were added

General Printer Group changes:

1. Six new objects were added to the General Printer Group:

prtGeneralStartupPage PresentOnOff - Tom Hastings
prtGeneralBannerPage PresentOnOff - Tom Hastings
prtGeneralAdminName Octet string - Jay Martin
prtGeneralSerialNumber Octet string - Harry Lewis
prtAlertCriticalEvents Counter32 - Bob Pentecost
prtAlertAllEvents Counter32 - Bob Pentecost

Input Group Changes

1. A group was added: The Input Switching Group

prtInputMediaLoadTimeout Integer32 - Angelo Caruso
prtInputNextIndex Integer32 - Angelo Caruso

Print Job Delivery Channel Group changes

1. One new object was added:
prtChannelInformation DisplayString - David Kellerman

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