PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Minutes of the "Top-25" call

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Minutes of the "Top-25" call

PMP> Minutes of the "Top-25" call

Harry Lewis (
Wed, 5 Mar 97 15:23:22 MST

I posted minutes of today's call at Text only.
I hope I caught most of it. Chuck Adams will have more detail in his revised

Here's the same minutes if you don't want to go to the FTP server...


Minutes of the Mar-05-1997 conference call on Stardust Interoperability
test results - specifically the "top 25 alerts" and printer status discussion:

Present: Lloyd Young/Matt King/Evan
Ron Bergman
Stuart Rawley
Chuck Adams
Harry Lewis
Jay Martin
Bob Pentecost (In the Tampa airport heading for Denver) ARE THESE GUYS DEDICATED
Bill Wagner (In the SanJose airport arriving from Boston - presumably) OR WHAT!?
Gail Songer

Review of Chuck Adam˝s ╩Top 25ż event and/or status conditions chart.

Accept the majority of Chucks chart - (Thanks Chuck for the great work!). Chuck marked up his copy of
the chart as we discussed, so has any detailed changed that these minutes may miss.

Review comments by Harry Lewis.
- Agree to follow hrMIB definition for PrinterStatus=Other when DeviceStatus=Down
- 2 minor corrections to the hrPrinterDetectedErrorState decimal values
- Generalize the Jam table entry with a note that indicates the prtAlertGroup should reflect the subUnit
which has the Jam.
- Tray missing hrPrinterDetectedErrorState 128 vs. 64. Undecided. Hoping to define new Tray Missing bit.
- Recommendation for 5 new hrPrinterDetectedErrorState bits. Agree to pursue. Should be easy. Lloyd will
approach IETF. If not quick and easy, fall back to defining from existing set of bits.

Review Evan˝s proposal for cross association of paperOut with WARNING and paperLow with DOWN.
- Good reasoning (legal tray could be EMPTY, default tray full but printer is effectively DOWN if
someone tries to use legal.
- However, hrDeviceStatus, hrPrinterStatus and hrPrinterDetectedErrorState should be used just to
provide a quick highlevel view of printer condition. Thus, a DOWN condition should not be indicated
unless the printer won˝t print at all, under any circumstances. In Evan˝s example, the overall condition
of the printer is WARNING, at least until someone tries to print.
- We did clarify that if the last sheet was used from the printer (every input is empty) a DOWN condition
should be indicated as soon as it is possible to detect it, not necessarily waiting for demand to occur.
Otherwise, this inevitable DOWN condition may have been corrected prior to the next submission.
- Gail will post her review of the Stardust results in this area. Gail claims several mfgs disassociated
hrDeviceStatus and hrPrinterDetectedErrorState already.

Review Jay Martin˝s proposal
- Accept the proposal that hrPrinterStatus should be (5) warm-up not (1) other when coming out of
PowerSaverMode, even though hrDeviceStatus is still (5) down.

Discuss Stuart Rawley˝s topic of calling out an input or output subunit in the alert table when the alert
is ╩Cover Openż
- This is not recommended. Mainly, it is difficult to correlate subUnitStatus with the proper prtAlertGroup
in this case

Discuss Harry Lewis proposal to all Jams to reference the cover group in prtAlertGroup.
- Also not recommended. Same reasons as above.

Bill Wagner˝s questions regarding MIB-II
- We didn˝t cover MIB-II at the interoperability test, so there are holes in our understanding of
how vendors implemented the Systems and Interfaces groups.
- We know some vendors implemented the Interfaces groups in the NIC, providing a view of that NIC
only, and others implemented MIB-II in the printer, providing an Interfaces table which pertains to
all NICs in the printers.
- There is emphasis on the hrMIB to uniquely identify the printer. Why do we need the Systems Group?
- Could we do away with all MIB-II references in the Printer MIB since a NIC needs to do MIB-II
- If we do (above), can we supplement the printer MIB with a simple table of interfaces, supplying
only the information useful to printing applications?
- Bill will make a proposal.

- It is not absolutely clear how Active/Busy maps to each subUnitStatus.
- This is where I got numb.

Harry Lewis