PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Subagent Problem

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Subagent Problem

PMP> Subagent Problem

Chris Wellens (
Thu, 6 Mar 1997 10:28:08 -0800 (PST)

As many of you have discovered, the SNMP protocol does not
accomodate multiple agents in one device very elegantly. This
has been a known problem for at least four years, with multiple
solutions proposed during that time.

Unfortunately, this problem does affect the design and
implementation of the printer MIB on some printers, and
constrains the jobmib work, as well.

A working group was formed to address the problem: the Agent X
(agent extensibility) Working Group. They have been meeting for
about a year, and have a preliminary proposal.

Charter information is at:

General Discussion:
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This IETF Working Group, printmib, is *NOT* chartered to do this work.
If this is an issue for your current and future product
implementations, then I strongly recommend participating or monitoring
the work in the agentx working group.