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PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> cover -v- interlock

Re: PMP> cover -v- interlock

Bill Wagner (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 16:35:58 -0500

Ah, the meaning given by a definition is in the mind of the reader,
not the writer.

One problem we have had with the term 'cover' was that it could be
interpreted as the 'skin' or outer enclosure of the printer. Door has
the appropriate connotation of referring to an openable aperture in
the printer, but suggests a vertical hung hinged cover. I certainly
would not restrict door to the "mechanical insides of a device", since
it can open to electronics, toner, paper, whatever.

The MIB does appear to use cover and door interchangably, and we
should clarify that that is intended (if it is intended).

I would suggest something like:

" Cover or Door: The covering to an opening in the printer enclosure
which may be removed or opened to provide access to an area or object
within the printer. A Cover or door open condition may be sensed; if
sensed, the cover open condition may act as an interlock with to
inhibit printer processes or operations which should not be performed
with the cover open."

I would say that an interlock involves sensing a condition as a
prerequisite to allowing some printer operation which might involve
danger, damage, or even just deteriorated quality if the required
condition is not met. An interlock condition could be that a
particular door were closed. But it does not have to be an open door
or even a mechanical irregularity. Some printers would use a toner out
indication to inhibit further printing. This, to me, is also an
interlock since there was no inherent reason why the imaging process
could not be performed. I would even regard a operator's key provision
as an interlock if the key must be in place to print.

Bill Wagner Osicom/DPI

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Subject: PMP> cover -v- interlock
Author: "Gail Songer" <> at Internet
Date: 3/7/97 1:39 PM

So I am trying to explain the common printer mib some native Japanese speakers.
This experience is truely an eye opener; some of the phrases that we use to
describe the system don't translate well.

Currently I seem to have a problem with door and interlock and, unfortunately,
1759 does not define the terms. Can anyone supply a good definition of the

My attempts:

A "door" is something that protects the mechanical insides of a device.

An "interlock" connects two components of a device or two devices. An example
of an interlock is mechanical latch on an optional sorter that connects the
base printer with the sorter.



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