PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Printer MIB draft ready (pretty much)

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Printer MIB draft ready (pretty much)

PMP> Printer MIB draft ready (pretty much)

Randy Turner (
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 16:48:34 -0800

I made all the corrections we talked about in teleconference,
including all of the editorial comments that were emailed
out as well.

It looks real good, EXCEPT within Word 7.0 when I click
Print Preview, the document looks great, first page to
last, including the right page breaks with respect to
headers and footers. Everythings ok.

However, when I select the printer "Generic/Text-Only" and
print it to a file and print it on the printer, the page
breaks are horrible, with no respect for my headers,footers
or page numbers.

There is some kind of special characters however in the
document where you would expect form-feeds (FF) to go to
produce the correct page breaks. I'm not sure what the
character is but when you bring up the windows/95
"Wordpad" Utility to display the document, they show up
as some kind of weird graphic character. Anyway, when
I "print to file" using the generic-text printer device
something doesn't work, even though "Print-preview"
while still inside of Word looks great! Besides page
breaks everything translated into generic/Text fine.

Anybody got any ideas?

What I would like Word to do (for the generic/text printer)
is generate form-feeds at each page break (where the funny
characters are in my current draft). The funny graphics
characters are obviously not form-feeds because they show
up on the printed page as yet another funny character.

I could let it go as is, but I wanted to see if anyone on
the list could help first. Is there some Word printing
option I'm missing? Gee, you'd thing form-feeds would be


Randy Turner
Network Architect
Sharp Laboratories of America